Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catching up!

Just a sample of what I have been doing for my 365! I have been taking them everyday, I just have slacked on posting! Oops! (Life got in the way) Hopefully I will get better at posting again!

She works at getting the caps off.

At a Richmond Royals game.

Little bird hiding in the shade.

Whitlee waiting for her Kendra!

My HUGE bruise 2 weeks after my IV.

Tulip at Munsinger.

Carson! My best friends lil man!

Trying to get the treat out!

Pretty robins!

Rays of sun!!!

A drive through the country!

Fire training...

My sister, Chrissy 9 months...

Look at that HUGE worm I found!

Yes, that is a 3 legged dog with them!

Ryker, born 5-12-12...7lbs 19in at 3:05

Baby feet!!!

Kendra bowling with school.

I couldn't resist...Very cool!

(left to right) Chesty(sibling), Ruby(mom), Whitlee, and Merle (dad)

Kendra learning how to feed Ryker for when she can babysit. (with help)

Taylor with Ryker. As soon as he cried he didn't want him anymore!

Brent with Ryker! How cute!

Firefighter fundraiser dinner.....

(cell phone pic) The trail bridge! I am getting excited!

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